Holy Sweaty Joy

RosesTwineHoly Sweaty Joy—
Ecstatic Spirituality and Sacred Sexuality
A Seven-Week Shamanic Class-by-Phone

Train in the Third Road Faerie ecstatic path.

Claim magic.

Revel in Faerie Faith rituals and mysteries:
* Reside in your core essence, so your authenticity shapes decisions.
* Own your joy.
* Empower your goals—and heal your spirit—through celebration.
* Imbue daily activities with confident passion.
* Move past inner blocks to your inherent, sacred sensuality.
* Be a sex god(dess)!
* Revel in your unique bewitching sexuality.
Click here to enroll.

No prerequisites required; however, adepts find substantial depth.

Fun, ethical classes. I limit enrollment. No impersonal, glib teachings. Receive personal attention.

Holy Sweaty Joy contains core Third Road teachings and is a prerequisite for advanced Third Road Shamanic Training.

Nuts and bolts:
* We meet in teleseminars (group phone meetings). To participate, just dial the phone.
* Class meets seven consecutive Thursdays, from 6 to 7 p.m. EST, starting Thurs June 14.
* Reserve Thurs Aug 2, same time, for a makeup class in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned sessions.
* Total enrollment is $250. Your carrier might charge you for the call; charges appear on your phone bill. The event’s area code is a U.S. #.
* If you’ve taken this class before, repeat it at half-price.
* Click here to enroll.
* Upon receipt of payment, your place is reserved, and event phone #, etc., emailed to you. If you need more info, or want to discuss scholarship, trade, or payment plan, call 814-337-2490. No refunds.

RoseLineA bit about me as a teacher:
* When I teach orally, I’m embedded within a family oral tradition I entered in infancy, learning magic con leche.
* Holy Sweaty Joy is not training you could get from a book.
* I thoughtfully channel curriculums, constructing lessons over time. This tunes us into enormous, subtle powers. Holy Sweaty Joy is not a jumble of undigested white-bread ideas declared, “Voila, genuine Pagan stuff!” 🙂 Instead, I committed my lifestyle to developing counterculture material for you.
* I received full-time longterm shamanic training. It was not academic but an experiential training of skill sets. That focused study allowed me into the heart of reality, in trance 24-7, channeling worthwhile lessons, for seven years.
* For decades since, my Gods asked me to trance only part of the day, to ground me. Feet more on the ground than ever, I continue to explore our magical yet earthy cosmos, and channel new material for earth-based mysticism classes, because resting on my laurels would be no fun. I like fun.

Magic is transformative fun that does the job when all else fails. Click here to enroll.

4 thoughts on “Holy Sweaty Joy

  1. Yes… this was a really FANTASTIC class… I grew so much during that one. I am very likely to take it again in the future. This just isn’t the time But I have changed so much since then… I can feel that when I take it again I will be able to go even so much deeper with it!

    I was very nervous to take it the first time… the most nervous of any class I have ever taken with you – due to the subject matter. I am so glad I faced my fear on that one and jumped in 🙂

    • Thanks, Ellen. Yeah, some folks hesitate, but often their reason is the very reason they need to take the class, lol. So good for you for taking the class! Well, when you want take it again, remember that repeating a class is half-price. U r right about new layers; I always find new layers to apply to my life, every time I teach this class, or any other of the curriculums I create. Yay, us!

  2. Good evening Francesca

    Are you able to set up webinar sessions? I live in South Africa and the cell phone charges here exhorbitant as well as unreliable. One keeps getting disconnected or the communication is interrupted or garbled – and this is local calls.

    I would also like to find out about other training you give on Faerie Lore and other interesting things you don’t find in books.


    • Linda, oh, i wish i cld help, so sorry, I do oral tradition, usually by phone, when not teaching via a book. My disabilities limit my computer time, and teaching online wld be painful physically. But i cld not teach “Faerie Lore and other interesting things you don’t find in books” online anyway bc that is very akin to books. So, sigh, there is no way i can discuss that stuff, so sorry. Blessings on yr path.

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