Micro Macro

Micro/Macro: A Prayer and Contemplation

imagel see many of a situation’s details.
Fact is, I see atoms.

I see the entire cosmos,
simultaneously noting every one of its atoms.

I see how a situation’s details
add up to a larger picture.

I see the entire cosmos
is You—God, the World Tree.

I love details—they hold You, God.
They are You, God.
I try to take care of details,
so that I serve You well.

But when I get lost in minutiae,
and I become frenzied,
show me how to serve the largest reality,
the construct that all details combined add up to
—You, God—
so that I’m aligned in beauty
with micro and macro again,
and serve both in joy.
That allows both to take care of me.
Cosmos and atoms—my God—thank you.


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