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A Wisdom Adventure is a series of private shamanic counseling sessions and a personalized voyage toward wholeness, prosperity, spiritual fulfillment, and greatness. Wisdom Adventures are done by phone.

Since the ’80s, artists, mystics, community leaders, and others who want to live life fully have taken Wisdom Adventures with me. Also called “Wisdom Coaching,” these six private visits, made over three months or six months time, are a shamanic journey tailored just for you, and help you create your own destiny.

I offer single shamanic counseling sessions, but sometimes a person wants ongoing attention. Maybe you’re trying to make big breakthroughs in your life and need help removing inner blocks to success, layer by layer. Or perhaps you need the courage to follow your star and want the strength that builds over several meetings. Or an ongoing exploration is the way to personal power.

Wisdom Coaching is tailored to your personality, goals, and spiritual beliefs. First, we decide: Should the journey last three or six months (shall we meet every two weeks or once a month, respectively)? Then we discuss your major goal(s)—or help you discover it. Building block by building block, a Wisdom Adventure provides continuous tools and inspiration when you are following a dream, facing a challenge, or embracing a rare life opportunity. Each session builds on the ones before it so that the sum total is greater than its parts. On the road of life, I’m by your side, a guide every step of the way.

What do we actually do during a Wisdom Adventure? Who knows! 🙂 You are unique, with unique needs. And, like most women, I take a practical approach. Guided by Deity and the moment, we go where your sacred road leads. You might receive answers to mundane questions, the next minute be led into a mystical experience which helps you better trust your inner wisdom. After that, we could do a ritual in which you find spiritual healing or discover a sound marketing plan for your business! I helped a gymnast choose the best set of moves for his Olympic performance. Each moment of a visit, I intuit what is needed and how to best address that need.

However, whatever methods I am divinely directed to use, you create the journey with me as much or as little as you want. If you want to take a tack other than the one I’m choosing, this is your adventure. You’re the star.

Francesca De Grandis, May 2012

We have many options, so you get what youneed to transform your life.

I promise I will not put rhetorical Band-Aids on deep soul-wounds. Participants of Wisdom Adventures report lasting change. Seemingly immoveable inner blocks to happiness—perhaps to finding one’s reason to be here, or to fulfilling sex—finally leave. I have helped happy, successful folks achieve even more self-fulfillment and passion. Incest and other trauma survivors, and members of the recovery community have found crucial growth.

In one counseling session with me, some of you have received answers to important questions, freedom from inner bondage, and spiritual succor. We’ve been a great match. So don’t hold back from getting everything you want. Love yourself up with one-on-one work, ongoing coaching that a book or class can’t provide. With tools and insights relevant to your own personal situations, we can discover all the unique gold within you and polish away what keeps you from shining. Anyone can try the first session of a Wisdom Adventure; if it’s not all you hoped, no further obligation.

It’s easy and convenient to do a wisdom adventure by phone. Take the simple steps you by and large would take for appointments with any caring healer:

1. Call 814-337-2490 between 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, Mon – Fri, to schedule your first appointment and/or ask any questions you have about wisdom coaching. Query by phone, not email. I’m happy to speak on the phone for as long as you need to address all your concerns regarding this work. Disabilities do not allow me to dialog about shamanic work by email.

2. Each session is one hour and costs $125, payable one appointment at a time. After our appointment is made, send me a check or money order for $125, payable to Francesca De Grandis. During our phone call, I will give you the address. I do not take credit cards. Payment through PayPal is an option, for an additional charge of $5 per session.

3. If our phone appointment is, let’s say, Friday, April 3 at 2 pm, then you call me Friday, April 3, at 2 pm. It’s a real appointment, carried out by phone.

4. There are no refunds if you cancel or reschedule an appointment without 24 hours notice.

5. At the end of each appointment, we make another that suits your particular schedule.

In service,
Francesca De Grandis

De Grandis, author of “Be A Goddess!” and “The Modern Goddess’ Guide to Life,” is a traditional spiritual healer who founded The Third Road—an internationally practiced shamanic tradition—as well as Another Step, which is a spiritual system suitable to people of all faiths and those perfectly happy without one. Francesca has been a spiritual counselor since 1982 and been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, and Cosmopolitan, as well as on National Public Radio and national television.

Adrienne Amundsen, Ph.D., and clinical psychologist says Francesca, “has the trustworthy ethics of a Buddhist priest, psychologically sound respect for the complexity of human process, and a wicked sense of humor that keeps serious material in healthy perspective.”

Lynn Andrews, author of “Medicine Woman,” writes, “Francesca De Grandis has given us an inspirational bridge between ancient wisdom and our current life.”

Clients: “. . . the realization of birth, of being mother to yourself. Francesca, midwife and godmother in my rebirth . . . she changes lives like no-one else . . . I felt welcome and safe . . . kindness and fun . . . My life has opened like a rose.”

Copyright, 2006, 2010, 2012 F. De Grandis. Duplication of this page or any part of my site without permission is illegal. Copyright is power to the people. Power to the people=support their right to control the fruits of their work.

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