Happy in the Dark Time

Happy in the Dark Time:
A four-week group nurturing a spiritually healthy dark of the year  

Eagle with Iris in Great Darkness, OutlawBunny. If you’re interested in a print of this picture, click on it

This is a four-week guided process about enjoying the dark time of year, using it to heal inner blocks, and drawing on its other subtle Faerie gifts. The process will be individualized to its participants. This will include tools channeled to meet whatever challenges the dark time brings the group’s specific individuals.

I look forward to this, because many people feel betwixt and between in January, instead of grounded in the core of their being and Gaia’s rhythms. Moving past that betwixt and between will allow us to go extraordinarily deeply into that core, creating a more centered, self-fulfilled, and successful year ahead.

We meet in a group phone call. No computer or special equipment needed. Just dial your phone.

The process is without prerequisites and suitable for both newbies and adepts.

The group meets four consecutive FRIDAYS starting JANUARY 18. The meetings go from 6 to 7 PM (EST). RESERVE FRIDAY, FEB 15, same time, for a makeup meeting in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned sessions.

Fee is $150. You might pay long-distance charges, depending on your long-distance plan. If so, they appear on your phone bill. The event’s area code is a US #. No refunds. If u need more info, can’t use PayPal, or want to discuss scholarship or trade, call me: 814-337-2490. Don’t email; disabilities = I can’t discuss events by email.

Upon receipt of payment, your place is reserved, and event details emailed to you. No refunds.

I look forward to an exciting and, paradoxically, relaxing January and February. It will renew me.

3 thoughts on “Happy in the Dark Time

  1. I was part of the Winter group several years ago. I still carry in my mind’s eye the visions I received during several of the rituals. The entire experience was so nurturing and grounding for me… like sitting on a warm rug in front of a large fireplace in a darkened room with an intimate group of close friends, drinking hot tea <3

    I remember one night, Francesca asked me to sing aloud a prayer/song of my own creation. That was so special and empowering and validating for me…

    Thank you so much, Francesca <3 …I get chills to think where my life would be now if I hadn't made that first call to sign up for my first class with you… I felt so incredibly miserable and sad and powerless and frightened back then. I am now in a SO MUCH HAPPIER PLACE IN MY LIFE!!!

    I really can't explain just how it is that you do your thing, Francesca. I just know that it works.

    Namaste <3 Ellen

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