Teenie, Rest in Peace

Dec2012MoneyShotMy feline familiar of 18 years, Teenie Bear, passed away today.

She was camera-shy, so I am grateful she allowed the beautiful Dec 2012 photograph above. Her posing was such a rare and special occurrence that I called the photo The Money Shot.

Faerie art, Francesca De GrandisShe was my best friend.

She chose me as her #1 love.

She was Buddha.

No one could have been more kind or sacrificing.

Teenie Bear, my Faerie kitty, rest in peace.

6 thoughts on “Teenie, Rest in Peace

  1. Francesca! That cat was magic! I received your voice message. Glad you got the card and token gift. Will send another soon. I love you.

  2. You are never alone we are all connected I firmly believe that you are a remarkable soul Ms DeGrandis (((Hugs))) I think often about “fur” Kin that pass I wonder what summer-land is like for them do they watch over us as we have watched over them? Do they frolic in eternal sunbeams do they play in fields of yarn? May you have a peaceful night (((Hugs)))

    • Fields of yarn, I love it!!

      Thank you for adding to the love I am receiving in my grief. Everyone’s love helps me feel—not know intellectually but feel in my bones—how connected I actually am to you and all things. And each person, like yourself, adds a special love for me, a love only that person can give. So thank for being such a special person.

    • JJ, TU, you are always so supportive. And 25 people on Facebook and twitter etc have commented on this blog post, saying the kindest deepest things, so I feel blessed. I am very sad but very blessed. I know many more comments will come, and I am trying to drink up this love instead of feeling alone, and it is working. Love to you.

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