A New Practical Magic Class

June 2024

Seven Core Powers of Fairy Magic: Witchcraft to Create Everything You Want and Need

Seven Core Powers of Fairy Magic:

Witchcraft to Create Everything You Want and Need

Core Techniques for the Faerie Shaman

You will learn seven important Faerie Shamanism basics. (Faerie Shaman and Fairy Witch are synonymous when I discuss the traditional Witchcraft I know because it is Shamanic.)

Two of the seven techniques are the most advanced magical methods there are. Oddly enough, they are simple and easy in some ways.

Lessons will focus on Shamanic training to become skilled at these techniques. We train during our meetings.

Practical Spells for Money, Safety, and More

You will learn magic to manifest whatever you want.

Since I create multi-faceted training exercises, they sharpen your skills while also being magical spells to improve your life now.

Prosperity, serenity, justice, self-expression, career success, and soul-healing are examples of goals that the spells can help you achieve.

The spells are more effective because the training increases your magical skills.

Down-to-earth use of magic is how you learn traditional Witchcraft. Since the training exercises are also spells to reach your goals, they are a chance to apply magic to real life.

Why Adepts and Beginners Need Seven Core Powers of Fairy Magic

The course’s brevity allows you to make headway without committing to a long training.

Training in the seven Shamanic techniques helps someone new to magic use it successfully. We cover Witchcraft basics that make a substantial difference in your life and the effectiveness of your magic. This is all the more so because these basics work together as a whole, the sum of which is greater than the sum of its parts. During lessons, I reveal the beautiful nature of this weave.

A training in basics provides a vital refresher course for adepts and intermediate students. You’ll train in the seven techniques so they become second nature (again). Then they will be at hand when you need them. During classes, you also discover how these foundational techniques will always have new, important relevance. If you’ve studied with me for a long time, you know my work always has a deeper layer that will address your own new depths, dilemmas, and powers.

No Magical Boot Camp Required

This is not a boot camp. Seven Core Powers of Fairy Magic is gentle, which gets you where you want to go faster.

And, strangely enough, you learn a lot more from the gentle ways I teach than a boot-camp approach usually provides.

You can go at your own pace. During the course, you’ll learn why a slow pace can improve your life and create the foundation for faster progress.

When the course ends, you have a training that you can continue independently if you want. Plus pursuing it need not be overwhelming, and it continues to be spells to have the life you want.

Why I Decided to Teach Seven Core Powers of Fairy Magic

Occasionally, I retrain myself in Shamanic basics. I’ve been retraining for about a year.

It increased my appreciation of the spiritual depths and magical heights that simplicity facilitates. That, along with the retraining’s other benefits, lifted me and my life to new levels. It was wonderful, which made me long for others to have the same benefits. So I created this class.

I have always believed that simplicity is one of the most advanced forms of magic. Now I am getting to live that more than ever.

Some of the aforementioned other benefits I received from retraining in the basics:

* I had stunning victories, materially and spiritually. I had longed for them. And I knew that other people could achieve whatever victories they long for by using the same methods. The retraining possessed enough magical clout for me as an advanced shamanic practitioner. So it could work well for other adepts. Yet its simplicity would make it accessible to the newest beginners.

* The retraining helped maintain my skill level.

* Skills that had lessened are heightened again.

* It helped tremendously with focus. Before retraining, I could focus when leading a ritual or casting a spell for someone else, but less so on my own in a ritual for myself. Focus is a Shamanic skill. Training from the ground up rebuilt my focus.

* Lack of focus in other parts of my life was also greatly remedied.

Fairy Magic Increases Focus in All Parts of Your Life

An inability to focus on ritual or another part of life can stem from trauma, an exceedingly busy schedule, or a lack of training.

Regaining a great focus throughout my day made me think about many people’s inability to focus well enough to do what they want. I thought about the suffering that creates for some of them. The retraining reminded me that I have a solution.

I also thought about people whose lessened focus may not cause them suffering, but does limit their effectiveness in reaching goals. My retraining reminded me that I have a solution.

Maintaining focus is one reason I am relying on simplicity more than ever.

For example, since I lacked focus for complex, lengthy rites when I was doing them alone for myself, I started my retraining with simple, quick techniques—spells for what was important to me and that helped me regain my magical wherewithal. So in this class, I provide simple, short training exercises that are also spells for what is important to you.

I long to teach others how simple magical techniques are giving me more power than ever to manifest my dreams.

A Substantial Difference

In eight weeks, I do not expect to cover all the Shamanic basics. Gods no!

That is the beauty of this class. In simplicity, there is power. We get right to the core of magic.

So mote it be!

You will receive the event phone number. Call the number to attend. The group meets by teleconference. No special technology is needed.

We meet eight consecutive weeks for one-hour lessons.

To suit your schedule, you have two options:

Enroll in the class that meets Tuesdays
from 3:00 to 4:00 pm PST, starting June 18, 2024.

Or enroll in the class that meets Wednesdays
from noon to 1:00 PST, starting June 19, 2024.

Reserve the usual hour on Tuesday August 13 or Wednesday August 14, respectively, for a makeup session in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned meetings.

Cost is $200 per month for two months. Your carrier might charge you for the calls.

Enroll by June 12, midnight.

Click the Subscribe button below to enroll securely through PayPal.

When I receive your enrollment, I will email you to ask which of the two class schedules you chose.

If you don’t receive that email within a few days, check your spam filter and spam mailbox. If the email isn’t there, or you want to discuss a scholarship, semi-scholarship, trade, or payment plan other than the subscription, or you need additional information about the event, please call me at the number below. A few days before our first meeting, you receive an email with the event phone number and other details. Refunds unavailable.

Seven Core Powers of Fairy Magic can be used as one of the two qualifying electives needed to participate in the advanced Fairy Witch Training.

Just for inspiration, here’s a fairy painting by Dulac. It is one of my favorites and has been for decades:

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