Do Not Get Trapped in the Uni-Dimension

Cosmic Cat Nap, Francesca De Grandis

Cosmic Cat Nap, Francesca De Grandis

Do Not Get Trapped in the Uni-Dimension:
Remember the Molecules

Society is dominated by a single dimension in which the majority of people hate their mother (even if their mother’s wonderful) and rebel against everybody because of it. In this uni-dimension, people feel their options are limited. (And they are right, in as much as options are always limited if you live in a uni-dimension.) To justify a worldview of being without options or power, they subconsciously misinterpret anybody who is multi-multidimensional, and attack them as “one of them.” Because if you’re uni-dimensional, you must live in polarities. There is just you and the hated mother, “the other.”

The Generous Sun – Francesca De Grandis, 2012.

The Generous Sun – Francesca De Grandis, 2012.

It is vital to not get trapped in their uni-dimension. They will do everything they can to pull you into it. They will slander you, will deprive you. But you are not one of them, don’t let them convince you that you are.

Remain a mystic. Remain a mystery. Remain miraculous. Remain an otherworldly being. Remain a deity. Remember that you’re here visiting from other worlds, because you have a job to do. Remember that the job is fun. Remember that you have wings. Remember that you are beauty. Remember that miracles are constant, the Gods can manipulate every single molecule in the planet to create the result they desire.

Do not bury your head in the sand about the nightmares that go on in the uni-dimension. But do not think it is the only reality.There are worlds and worlds and worlds. Worlds that are not polarized against each other. Worlds dancing with each other. Worlds in which all the parts are dancing with each other. Singing with each other, making love with each other.

Be in those worlds. Let them strengthen you so that you can be a lifeline for others out of the uni-dimension. Let those sexy worlds strengthen you so that you can be a support to those who, like you, reside in the otherworlds. Live in those worlds because they are the truth, the reality, the underpinnings of existence, the nature of molecules, hidden under the lies of the uni-dimension and, when you reside within molecules, goodness and miracles flow to you and through you. Remember who you are and live in the molecules.

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12 thoughts on “Do Not Get Trapped in the Uni-Dimension

  1. Wonderful, wonderful, and again more wonderful. Thanks so much for sending me the link to this on W&P. I must share this with other star people.

  2. Thanks, FDG! Funny that my pic is on this one on this day. I found out yesterday my job is being eliminated, so I’ll be off on a new adventure next year. No worries, I won’t be out of a job. The district has to keep me, but I’ll have to find something new for next year. All the more reason to keep connected to the multiverse!

    • Jennelle, TU, most folks will view this post in the uni-dimension and hence misinterpret me. And then tell everyone I sd something terrible i did not say. So yr response of yummy (instead of enjoying it but not letting me know) is needed heartening!! And “haters gonna hate,” I will not let them dictate my content! Bless you, hugs.

  3. In my experience I am very very uncomfortable around people who are uni-dimensional. This has been a challenge for me my entire life. It got really bad once I got to middle school because I’d see things other people couldn’t see or feel or know. It’s not that I am or was always right. There was just so much more information and a greater depth of experience that is vastly unique to a more comprehensive appreciation of reality. Thank goodness for our friends and teachers!

    • Thanks, I am so glad you relate to the piece. And, yes, thank gods for those who anchor us into our molecules….oh, I just realized something. Lol, as yr teacher, I guess my “thank gods …” sentence sounds weird! But it was not referring to me, it was referring to the part in the blog where I discuss how we can help others anchor into the molecules. But, yes, hmm, on the other hand, helping folks anchor that way is at the heart of what I do as a teacher, it is what I am devoted to, or I wld not have blogged it. Hmm, this comment is starting to go in circles, eek! Egad, i better stop now.

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