Sleep is the Goddess’s embrace

imageI must not undervalue sleep. Sleep is the Goddess’s embrace, every night is a substantive healing and empowerment. Sleep solves problems that many people think only pharmaceutical medication can repair. I must cherish and seek sleep with the rigor, focus, and planning that I have when I pursue wholesome food, right-livelihood, connection with Divinity. Every night is a free pass to connect with Divinity; by falling asleep, I surrender to the Goddess’s care, allow all Her love to fill me, my every cell becoming replete with Her power.

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16 thoughts on “Sleep is the Goddess’s embrace

  1. Thank you so much Ms DeGrandis sleep is one thing that seems easy to give up in todays fast paced world I get up at 0330 get home from work at 1800 and go to bed at 2100 and do it all again, ad nausium. The weekend comes and I think I can finally catch up and I sleep in till 0500. Esta vida. I will do my best to practice your wisdom in my life maybe things will improve. Huggles.

  2. As I’m starting to feel my true age, sleep is more important to me now than ever before. Thank you Francesca for painting loving poetic care for ourself.

    • Rosemary, I am honored, TU!! Hey, I thought you had fallen off my mailing list (and maybe you have, maybe you did not get to this blog via my mailing list. I will have to check my database. In any case,) I am so happy to hear from you, I always think fondly of the coupla shows we did. I hope you are well!

    • Oh, Candace, I am so glad you still want to read what I have to say, we just keep on being travelers together, what a blessing! Thank you for the sweet dreams!!

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