Yule Gnomes


This was my first needle felting.

Whenever I see felt gnomes—almost any style—I have to either grin or outright laugh in delight.

So I conjured three gnomes friends. Sure enough, these fellows have me grinning and laughing. They’re also good conversationalists, as long as you talk about things that interest gnomes.

Call them gnomes or Tomte—they do not care, as long as you give them a loving home. They definitely bless a home.

NesltrSqTI’d only seen felt gnomes with one or two non-wool parts, eg a wood head. I wanted mine all wool instead, because I love working with it. Plus I hoped all wool might make them look roughhewn; I envisioned rough and tumble Tomte.

The only non-wool was a little needle and thread work to reshape one gnome’s base into a stable foundation.

I expected to make the fellows completely by wet felting, but when I couldn’t do everything by wet felting, I tried my hand at needle felting. It was easier than I expected.

I loved watching each fellow’s unique personality emerge as I made them. For example, the gray bearded guy is a big-hearted mischief-maker and ruffian-warrior who enjoys good ale.

Happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “Yule Gnomes

    • Thank you, Jenelle, that means a lot to me coming from an artist like you.

      It’s also valuable because someone asked if the gnomes were for sale. I said I don’t sell my felt, and referred her to someone far more expert at making gnomes. The person responded, “Her stuff is nice, but yours is special.” Between that feedback and yours, I’m realizing I am once again being too much of a perfectionist about my work.

      All this reinforces my desire to find a way soon to make felt talismans for my clients, so when we’re working on a specific issue together, and I make them a relevant talisman, my homemade felt is an added option to the materials I’ve been using. Thanks!

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