Archetype Coaching

Detail, Green Goddess, Silk Painting, Outlaw Bunny

Detail, Green Goddess, Silk Painting, Outlaw Bunny

* One Hour, by phone * $130 *

We each embody one or more archetypes. Gods, Goddesses, animals, mythic heroes, Faeries—there are endless possible fantastic beings.

Would you like to discover your archetype(s) or further empower your existing one(s)?

During an Archetype Coaching session, receive practices to build archetypal power, and to maximize your use of it, giving you immense force—and finesse—to overcome your challenges and actualize life goals. Whether you’re new to this work or need to reach the next level after decades of drawing on archetypal power, the practices are channeled specifically for you—who you are right now, who you strive to be, and what you require in your current circumstances.

I live in myth and help others do the same. For a quarter century, archetypal coaching has been prevalent in the shamanic lessons I give. Recently, I was guided in meditation to offer it as a service unto itself in a one hour session, so that it could be more available. Then, I coined the term “archetypal coaching” to finally better represent this longstanding part of my work.

I’m also the author of best-selling Be a Goddess! And wrote The Modern Goddess’ Guide to Life, a humor book with down-to-earth lessons on using your inner Goddess to succeed in all life’s arenas.

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12 thoughts on “Archetype Coaching

  1. Francesca’s work always seems so subtle at first experience and then it isn’t. Everything is different. And by different I mean deeper, better, more aligned, more potent, more honest more empowered.

    If what you seek is gratuitous glamour or super serious can’t-laugh-at-yourself spirituality with the rigidity of other traditions, look elsewhere. Francesca’s spiritual teaching is highly practical which means it necessitates a healthy willingness to accept our humanity and foibles and even recognizing that so much of our personal power can even derive from those quirks. Don’t reject your genius! The world needs your beauty.

    I agree with the other reviewer who talks about Francesca leading her students to discover for themselves. That is one of her most precious gifts as a teacher. She has helped me to become independent while in community. Interdependency is not co-dependence or counter dependence.

    And don’t worry, If you are not a fit, she will tell you so. I’ve been present for such conversations. The woman’s got integrity which is vital in such deep and delicate work.

    • Thank you, sweetie. You always make such positive comments re my work. I am so grateful! And thank you for taking the time to write a lengthy comment. I know you are a busy woman.

  2. Many moons ago in the far off land of San Francisco, I took Tarot training with Francesca. She didn’t give us a list of pat interpretations to memorize. Instead, she had us go home and think about knives and cups and DISCOVER what they meant TO US! That’s the essence of Francesca’s work: she leads you to explore yourself and the divine (tomato-tomahto), using archetypes that are at once timeless and deeply personal. If you want someone to give you simple answers, go someplace else and waste your money, but if you want a guide into the deepest forests of yourself, work with Francesca. The real work of magic is within us and Francesca can lead you to it.

    • I want you to write my promotional copy. Joking aside, thank you, you always have understood my work, and that is a priceless gift. And, heh, I think folks waste so much $$$ going for pat answers, so it is nice to hear someone say that, bc no on wld believe it if I say it. 🙂 I think yr comment is also important bc some folks think if you’re powerful, you don’t need a teacher. You’re one of the most powerful people I know, and one of the most committed to a spiritual approach. Powerful people love to learn from other powerful people! I learn from you: Watching you face life with serenity and compassion is an incomparable role model. PS, your post is beautifully lyrical.

  3. Working with my archetypes has helped me recognize my unique strengths (empathy! courage!) and wrangle with some bad habits (procrastination!) in a very effective way. I’ve felt empowered to go after my dreams as a result.

    • Ange, it goes both ways. Watching the enthusiasm and integrity with which you work with me is inspiring in return. You throw yourself into life, so bravely and passionately. So thank you!

  4. Doing archetype with Francesca has been very rejuvenating for my spirit. A great way to tap into other energies for self-discovery.

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