Being Fey Magic

Ok, I posted this quick n dirty. Heh, thank you so much guys for being interested in my idea. I love that I did not have to explain what I meant by “being fey magic instead of doing fey magic.”  

Ok.  A spontaneous class on being fey magic instead of doing fey magic: 

Tues noon, EST, May 22 & 29, an hour each time. 
Reserve June 5  for make up session just  in case emergency = I cannot make one of the planned sessions. 

Special price: $25. 

No experience needed. Adepts and newbies work together. 

We meet in a group phone call. No computer or special equipment needed. 

TUITION is $25.  You might pay long-distance charges, depending on your long-distance plan. If so, they appear on your phone bill. The event’s area code is a U.S. #. 

To register: go to * Log into your account * Click Send Money tab. * Use as the Recipients Email. * Fill in the amount of $25 * Put the following in the notes section: “Being Fey Magic”; your name; your phone #.

Upon receipt of payment, event details emailed to you. The Faerie queen blesses us!

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