Amulets, in Gratitude

With enormous gratitude, I hand-made amulets for financial supporters who gave $100 or more toward my book. Each talisman is one of a kind, and channeled for the person who’ll receive it. I love these kind folks—and making simple, elegant, powerful charms—so much! This post is so they can read about their specific talisman. Keep reading to see why it is also posted in love of my whole sweet community.

Click on a pic to see it full-size and without the blurring that happens when WordPress shrinks a pic to fit into a blog.

Though each talisman is unique, there’s also a visual theme throughout the charms, to represent that all of us made this book happen. Community is all! The blessing I put on each is different too, but there’s a magical theme throughout. (I liked it so much I had to channel one for moi.)

Creating visual and magical themes also represents everyone who helped, financially or otherwise—and my community members not in a position to contribute. Community is all!

To use: Simply wear your amulet around your neck, hang it in your home, or put it on an altar. Looks great worn on a 16-18″ cord. The delicate lack of weight may not hang well on a long cord.

I know God talks to me when I channel art, but God talks to everyone. So when we combine our perspectives, we fully hear God. So if you think the amulet I made you isn’t right for you visually or magically, and/or you think one of the others is “yours,” do please tell me. I upcycle, so can’t vouch for all materials, but will make informed guesses. Numbered 1 to 5, left to right:
1) This is for a secret German donor who studies with me. The small, red, faceted bead hanging from the top loop is probably Swarovski Crystal. I can’t say what the bear bead on the main stem is. I would’ve guessed glass except that it came with a bunch of stone totem beads. It is a gorgeous material, perhaps moonstone, which I’m not sure the photograph picks up. Below it seems to be a black pearl. The gorgeous smokey beads on the bottom dangle are from a necklace that I plundered, and probably crystal.

2) For Julie N. The little dangle that I made to hang from the top loop is probably rose quartz (for self-love) and Swarovski crystal. The pink tube on the main stem is vintage glass (see, sometimes I know what my materials are, LOL), followed by another probable Swarovski crystal, then a dangle with another probable Swarovski. At the bottom of that dangle I wrapped the wire into a spiral.

3) This one is for me. I thought it was for one of my contributors, but realized it was mine, an expression of us all making this project possible. (For my own records: The blue bead on the main stem is vintage glass, both dangles probably have Swarovski.)

4) For Donnalee Dermady-Minney of Laughing Dakini Music LLC, this talisman has an evil eye dangling from the bottom with two probable Swarovski crystals. The eye bead is a traditional protection amulet. The main stem has a vintage glass tube, and the two faceted beads seem to be fire polished glass. The top dangle is probably Swarovski and rose quartz.

5) This is for an anonymous German donor new in my life. On the main stem, we probably have Swarovski and rainbow obsidian. The latter has a subtle luminescence in it that the photograph will not show. The three beads on the bottom dangle are probably more Swarovski. The top dangle is a mother of pearl teardrop, and probably Swarovski.

6) Finally, for Chicot. The two beads that I used to make the top dangle are probably tiger’s eye, which I read somewhere is both grounding and solar. On the main stem, the top bead with golden flecks (which I’m not sure show on this photo) might be goldstone, a man-made “stone” that I am fond of. Then comes a bead with an exclamation point on it, ending with a gorgeous, green probably Swarovski crystal. The bottom dangle is probably rose quartz, a stone for self-love.

Let me know if your amulet is right for you. Post here, email me, or comment on my Facebook page

If you bought a copy of my book, that is pivotal support! Thank you so much!!!! If you’d like to buy a copy, yes, go here! Only available from the author. Thank you to my sweet sweet community!

8 thoughts on “Amulets, in Gratitude

  1. I also tried to guess which one was mine before reading the texts and it is definitely the one that spoke to me most. I also like the one with the obsidian, but the black pearl is definitely mine. Not only do I have a strong connection with pearls, I am very much connected to black exceptions of a white rule (black swans, black marys, and therefore also black pearls, though I didn’t know there were black pearls until today!!!). Also, one of my favourite (and most instructional) films ever is “pirates of the Carribean” and the ship in there is also called the “Black Pearl”.
    It is so funny, yesterday and today I was thinking a lot about pearls and what they symbolize for me (also in comparison to stones and diamonds) and there you come up with a pearl for me! This really is reading my mind! 🙂
    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

    • My secret German cookie baker, you are always so appreciative, it makes me feel so valued by you. Thank you for such kind words, you are a treasure to me!!! And (in a Dawn from Buffy the Vampire Slayer moment), who’s the man, huh, am I the man or what? In other words, I feel good my channelling was accurate for everyone on this project. Although I have channeled shamanic counseling sessions for decades, it still feels a bit scary when I channel art for someone. I intellectually know it is all the same, but emotionally i have not gotten it yet. Moving on, I find what you said about pearls and about black exceptions very interesting. I am drawn to white exceptions, like the white peacock.

  2. Mine’s number 5, right? Feels perfect to me. Love the clear shape and the colors are definitely mine. Choice of stones feels right too – actually I started with just looking at all of them without reading, and picked exactly this one.
    Wheeee, life is good!
    Much love from absolutely fairy-tale like snowy Switzerland (not Germany, smile…)

    • Yup, that is the one. Wow, my head is swelling from being so spot-on. Really sorry about Germany instead of Switzerland. Don’t know how I got the wrong impression. But, at least, it’ll prove I channeled accurately for someone I do not know yet, LOL. Thank you so much for your kind words!!!

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