A Pagan Mystic’s Venting



A Pagan Mystic’s Venting

Shhh, it is a secret. . . . I can yell it all I want.
Because most wrongly think they recognize what I shout.
But they only want to steal the fruits of my journey and
pretend a journey they do not take.
They’d never ride a dragon with me
into the cracks between realties.
(No, I did not intend to type “realities.”)
The few who do, I love them so.

Please forgive my bitterness about heart damage
caused me and mine.
I work to overcome sourness in my words and spirit.
I work to avoid being judgemental.
And I know most fakes lie to themselves,
becoming the ones who lose the most.
But some days . . .

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8 thoughts on “A Pagan Mystic’s Venting

  1. This speaks to me in the ancient crackling language of my own Dragon…to me this journey is not all sweetie sweetie and riding a dragon compels me to keep my eyes quite open and my senses alert and it is a continuous exercise of learning. It is a journey I cannot fake and those who do are as obvious to me as a sore thumb…and sometimes damage was done to my heart that became, once again, armoured…but having said that..I have at times pretended to myself I was all there when I wasn’t…and then…I did lose the the exquisite ride between the cracks…
    A good friend told me a joke: Blessed be those who are cracked for they let in the light.
    I do not know if I ‘got it’ my dear Francesca…but all this came out.
    Lots of Love Faery Lady

    • Oh, Chelo, you always “get” it! Exactly. And more. And I too have found that we all delude ourselves sometimes into thinking we are journeying when in fact we are faking it. I was being judgmental in my poem. As it says, it is a venting. LOL, and when I become judgmental about someone, I know I am probably doing the exact same thing I am pouting about in that person. So today I looked inside to see how I might be fooling myself into only thinking I am journeying. And I found a missing piece to my journey. So I went on a wild dragon ride to fulfill that missing piece! Your post helped inspire me to look within, thank you so much for that!

  2. Very nice. My heart damage, and the convoluted battle I wage with the divine are two of the biggest obstacles I must try to overcome.

    Unfortunately, I have inflicted most of my damage upon myself.

    • Thank you, my dear. I suspect that the sort of battle of which you speak is not unique to you, but the one we all are in. Each of us perhaps in a unique manner. And yes we inflict so much hurt on ourselves. I am only a phone call away, always.

  3. nice dragon lady…….i.d take a butane lighter and put scorched holes in the confessional to look like you had breathed on it as you were writing it……..:) but that’s just me. when you forgive yourself maybe you.ll burn everything but the awesome purple dragon….:)

    • Hi, Kevin, thanks for reading my poem/vent.

      I’m glad you like my dragon, I worked really hard on it. It is the first time—over a few decades—I painted a dragon I like. Or perhaps the first time I like a dragon I have painted, LOL.

      I love your comments, thanks so much! At first, I did not see what you thought I should forgive myself for, since my post has no confession of wrong-doing or self-blame.

      But perhaps you’re referring to my thinking I need forgiveness for venting and being judgmental of others and for, thus, not being perfect. Which is a good point! Thank you! I forgive myself.

      I also forgive myself for posting hastily-written lyric that 1) does not express my usual view but is the venting of how I feel in a moment in time and 2) does not express even that moment as clearly as I would like.

      So mote it be!

      I’ve been working with my purple dragon as a totem. Self-forgiveness will help me be fuller dragon. Heh, are you psychic?

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