Witchy Heart

FeyFlkLvSM The Fey folk love your beautiful witchy heart.

After having the above thought, I painted a border for it. To add Faerie magic, I paint everything I can: memes I write, the newsletter button below, my clothes—including my shoes …

(The art work blurred a bit and what-not, when I made the file smaller so the webpage would appear quickly for you.)


3 thoughts on “Witchy Heart

  1. Hey, Strega, leave my witchy old heart alone! So, what’s new? Whaddya hear, whaddya say? How YOU doin’? What’s the news on the Rialto? How goes the move back to La-La Land? I trust that the Goddess shines on you! Chicot le Fou

    • Aw, Chicot, your heart can withstand it! My move has been delayed, I’ll probably be here at least another year. Pout. Grumble. But I’m determined to hit the road, although I might end up someplace other than California, long story short. (Give me a call if you want the whole boring story, LOL.) Other than that, I am doing well, doing well, how you doin’? Blessings on your lovely soul, my dear witch heart.

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