Upcoming Event: Animus Power

Animus Power:
A Shamanic Ritual about
Healthy, Joyous Masculinity in All of Us

This is a seven-week ritual process for women, men, and individuals of any other gender identity or lack thereof.


Everyone has a male aspect. (The word animus means a person’s male aspect.)

In most people, the male aspect is deeply wounded. The majority of folks don’t see that some of their major life problems come from a wounded animus.

We will heal that injury and empower a healthy, holy, joyous masculinity within ourselves. We’ll also embrace the internal, loving father.

Are you wondering what benefits this ceremony provides? The ritual helps you:

* End frustration. Find the determination to accomplish whatever is important to you.

* Stop the self-sabotage of not following through on your objectives. Keep working toward goals right to the finish line.

* Set free the suppressed animus, so you express yourself fully and with confidence. It can be too hard on one’s own to recognize one’s animus as suppressed. I will show you how to do it.

* Heal the (often subconscious) shame of a suppressed animus. Expect a big boost in self-respect once you take this journey with me.

* Leave behind the maddening inability to find solutions. More easily see ways to survive, thrive, and self-express … and have the power to do so.

Those are a lot of big benefits. They really spare us some misery. There’s good reason to celebrate this event.

You see, starting about 1987, I led the Animus Power ceremony regularly for years. Despite it really helping attendees, I stopped offering the event for a long time, to focus on some other work, though I consistently shared some of the ceremony’s material in my classes and with clients one-on-one. I eventually started offering the ritual again, but no longer on a regular basis. I’m thrilled to be in a position to lead the ritual this year so you can experience all its material. It was always joyous, important work.

Portrait of suppressed animus:

My background: I developed innovative modalities for—and understandings of—gender empowerment (for example, my concept of, and rites to free, a suppressed animus). I am trained in traditional shamanic healing forms of gender empowerment, and my anthropological research helped me as a shamanic practitioner overall.

“Her insightful research in anthropology led to her innovative work in the modalities of spiritual healing.”—S.S. Kush, Professor of Anthropology

This ceremony is entry-level yet multi-leveled. It meets you where you live.

Animus Power fulfills one of the electives needed for advanced Third Road training.

Nuts and bolts:
* We meet in teleseminars (group phone meetings). To participate, just dial the phone.
* Meetings are seven consecutive Tuesdays from noon to 1:00 EST, starting Tuesday April 11.
* Reserve Tues May 30, same time, for a makeup session in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned sessions.
* Upon receipt of payment, your place is reserved, and you receive event phone #, etc., by email. If you need more info, or want to discuss scholarship, trade, or payment plan, call 814-337-2490. No refunds.
* Total fee is $250. You might also pay long-distance charges that will appear on your phone bill. The event’s area code is a U.S. #. If you’ve attended this rite, attend again at half-price, $125. Choose half-price in the drop-down menu below.

Scroll down to enroll: enter your phone number and pay securely with PayPal.

Pls give yr phone number.

Participants have consistently found this ceremony to be an irreplaceable pivot point toward reaching inner and outer goals that previously had them stymied. Nothing like this process is available elsewhere, even after three decades. I won’t offer Animus Power again for another five years. So do it now.

Embrace animus power.


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