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Kitchen Magic

MyDoorDetailLife is filled with small tasks that are opportunities for a witch to perform natural, easy magic.

Here’s an example. I use vinegar to keep ants from my kitchen—it works! I mix white vinegar and water, roughly half and half. In a 25 oz bottle, I’d add about eight drops of essential oils that thwart ants. Here are a few: tea tree, peppermint, and clove. If you don’t like those, use a search engine to find others.

Be careful using essential oils: they’re very concentrated so can burn you if they get on your skin; and they’re not for internal use.

Twice a week during warm weather, I wipe the vinegar solution along the ant trail from outside into my kitchen. Otherwise I’d have an ant-filled kitchen.

Channeling a spell to get rid of worries and anxiety, it occurred to me that worries are like ants:

Ants invade the home like worries invade the mind. And the way ants can invade everything in your cupboard, anxiety can invade every part of your life.

So I channeled the following spell to help get rid of worries, large and small. There are two versions of the spell. The first can be used if you have an ant problem in your home. The other one can be used independently of that.

First version:

PastelSqI believe the properties an object has on the mundane plane often translate into otherworldly properties. This provides an opportunity, when doing a chore, to apply the chore’s tools to magical purposes. Tea tree not only deters ants, it is a natural cleaner. For example, it is somewhat antibacterial. So I figure it must also be a cleanser on the psychic plane. That would help the spell cleanse away anxiety. Peppermint is an uplifting scent, so probably has the energetic ability to lift the spirit magically, even if you can’t smell it in the vinegar. The same goes for clove’s uplifting scent. So I think those two essential oils would be good in a spell to relieve anxiety.

As you start to wipe the vinegar solution along the ant trail, say this chant once:

Ants and worry, go away.
This is not your place or day.
No anxiety need be here.
Heart and home be free and clear
to only hold what I hold dear.

Next, while you continue applying the vinegar mix, relax your feet, then your legs, then pelvic girdle, then each of the following one at a time: torso, shoulder girdle, arms, hands, neck, and head. You only need to spend a few moments on each part of your body.

Consciously relaxing the body not only helps stop anxiety but also helps the magic of the spell flow. No need to worry if you’re not good at relaxing. The attempt is what matters.

When you’re done applying the vinegar solution and following the above magical instructions, say, “So mote it be!”

You can repeat this spell whenever you want.

Second version:

PastelSqSay the following three times. After each recitation, do the relaxation described above. Doing both recitation and relaxation three times compensates for the lack of essential oil magic.

Antlike worries, go away.
This is not your place or day.
No anxiety need be here.
Heart and home be free and clear
to only hold what I hold dear.

When done, say, “So mote it be!”

You can repeat this version whenever you want.


2 thoughts on “Spell to Banish Anxiety

  1. These are the magics I love, thank you for sharing,..I get ants each summer but I do feel like anxiety has crept into my life while my guards been down. I’m beginning to think that since all my Elders died on me I’ve been struggling to juggle so many things alone that I’ve lost my ear to the Spirit…I feel like I’m struggling to re connect with intuition and divinity,which in turn is creating anxiety… I’ve even wondered if I’ve been jinxed(which shows my anxiety because before being left alone here I believed wholeheartedly that nothing could harm me unless I allowed it to. I still believe this but doubt is creeping in from somewhere…) I hadn’t really examined the sensations until our private e mails, when my responses to your questions were not the direct answers I’d intended….like I’ve suddenly become fearful of mixing with people or something. My energies lower than I’ve ever known, but I’m not unhappy. I just know something isn’t right at the moment. I must thank you for dragging my head out of the sand to examine these low tides in my head/heart /spirit. I’m going to go back to the beginning…the first loss,and deal with each one individually and in order. I never had the chance to grieve for any of them because they seemed to drop like flies one straight after the other,and I was caring for someone on their deathbed whilst burying another,as well as creating my own family,and dealing with the homes and possessions of the deceased, and this started when I was 19,I’m now 39,in those 20years I’ve lost both sets of Grandparents,an auntie,an uncle and both parents.I was responsible for caring for each of them until they died,so while one died another took terminally ill and on it went until April 2015,after that final death I found out I was pregnant again within a fortnight and again didn’t get time to grieve. I’m satisfied that I said and did what should have been said and done before they died which is what counts,but I know that my mind must need some time to re evaluate my circumstances…and I haven’t made that time yet.Sorry for the essay, but I feel like I’ve just woken enough to realise I’ve missed something. Looking forward to reading the rest of your news letter.Thanx again , Karen*)0(*

    • Karen, you have been through so much. Thanks for telling me about it; my heart holds you. And thank you for your supportive words. Even in the midst of your trials, you are being supportive of me.

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