Four Things (Oral Tradition)

Nov, 2012

If someone wanted me for a Faerie teacher, and was deciding which of my classes to take, here are four things I’d want to tell them:

Faerie art, Francesca De Grandis

Faerie art, Francesca De Grandis: With my winged cat, in my astral home. Visit me, by phone. We will travel other realms. (Click on this pic to see it large and clear.)

1) Don’t wait until I offer the “right” class. My class descriptions can be irrelevant. Oral tradition classes can’t be described. Use your intuition about whether to enroll in whatever class I’m currently offering. You might also need to ask yourself whether waiting for the “right” class is a way to put off self-empowerment ad infinitum.

2) The important thing is not class descriptions. It is being together. You want to learn shamanism, sit next to a shaman. (We do “sit,” side by side, long-distance, in classes by phone.) Some of the most advanced lessons I’ve given, if observed by a passer by, seemed just a trip to the grocery store. Saying, “We’re going to the grocery store” is not an inviting class description, lol.

3) If you want to grow in the Faerie Faith, do not wait for me to offer a class described as helping you do that. Take whatever class I offer now. Everything I offer is Faerie Faith. I’m Faerie. Faerie isn’t something I sometimes do. It is what I am. A Faerie does not run around talking about Faerie. She simply is what she is. Come be you, with me. You will become more you.

Faerie art, Francesca De Grandis4) What is done in my classes is invisible. The heart of life is invisible. The strongest magic is not in my books, nor what I post on social media, it is what I do unseen, it is what you do unseen. Oral tradition is unseen. And, were it observed, it would seem unspectacular, ordinary, as if there were a circle around us keeping anyone outside it from feeling the power. That is part of what makes it secret, part of the great mysteries: most magic is not spoken or observable or describable. It is lived. It is shared by being together. Being. It is a simple state of being, simple but hard to achieve. Come be be be be with me.

With love, Francesca

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4 thoughts on “Four Things (Oral Tradition)

  1. When I first contacted Francesca, after reading and getting a lot out of her books, I was very disappointed that the only class that fit my schedule was “Gentle Heart.” I felt that a class on surrender had nothing to do with my spiritual needs at that moment. But I signed up anyway. And, even though I never really understood the difference between surrender and being a doormat (the nightmare of any ardent feminist) I nonetheless experienced growth in my spiritual ability and also learned how to work with spiritual energy within the amazing virtual ritual space we create in her classes. Now 5 years later, menopause hit, I suffered an injury, and I find myself in a work situation where I need to take on an unpleasant admin role for the good of my department. Now suddenly all the insights about active acceptance from the Gentle heart class , that had been lying dormant, are clear and relevant. Lesson: even if you think the class being offered isn’t right for you now, it will be in the future! And, for the first class, even more than the content, you will “learn by doing” how to work in virtual ritual space, you will get the benefit of the amazing energetic transmissions Francesca sends within class rituals, and you will gain access to the amazing spiritual community to be found in all her classes.

    • Thank you! It is so difficult to express that the shamanic process is half the lesson, as opposed to the whole lessons being what I say verbally. But you expressed it! So much of shamanism is taught through simply doing an activity together. Thanks for taking time to support me!!!

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