Your Heart is a Faerie Garden

Finis2ECropI give direct spiritual transmissions.  During a transmission, a lot of hard work on myself regarding my own spiritual growth might be required. As such, doing a transmission can cause me immense personal challenges.

The particular transmission I’m doing right now (it is a month long) is causing me more inner turmoil than usual. For example, some of my most basic premises—beliefs my whole life is built on—are being challenged. Though this provides opportunities to commit to my beliefs more strongly than ever, it is not easy, by any means.

As difficult a time as this is, it is a time of enormous excitement. My efforts to face the challenges are causing wonderful shifts. There has been a widening of my inner channels to allow greater experiences of joy, more passion than ever in my work as a shamanic guide, and increased ease about who I am and what I do.

I was already very joyful, comfy with myself, and ecstatic in my work as a guide, so these shifts are taking me to incredible heights. It is so wonderful for me that I want to share part of what is causing it: If you’re meeting a lot of inner challenges right now, I hope that you love those parts of yourself that are troublesome. Welcome them into a circle of love, welcome them into your loving heart. Because love heals all.

Do not reject any part of yourself. I’m not suggesting it is okay to act on the parts of you that want to be hurtful to yourself or to others. I am saying that those parts of you need love. Rejection does not heal us. Love heals all.

When all parts of us come into the circle of love, when all parts of you are embraced by you, the magic in you comes alive. Your rituals are more effective. And you are carried by the currents of magic that constitute the very core of life. Your heart blooms a Faerie garden.Finis1GCrop

6 thoughts on “Your Heart is a Faerie Garden

  1. As a visually centered person, I find your art as inspiring as your words. The almost muted tones of the silk painting welcoming the light through the snowy branches remind me spring is coming and with it, new growth, new projects, new life!

    • Thanks so much!!

      You are one of my favorite artists, so I am always so proud when my art and words touch you. I love that we spiritually nurture each other with our art. Am also happy that the snow-laden tress are recognizable, bc I wanted the counterpoint of the winter and my heart blooming flowers.

      Hey, the bracelet you want, I might have supplies to make it this week instead of next month, wll know soon, yay!

  2. Good Morning Francesca,
    I am so understanding the challenges of growth and transformation. Isn’t it always that way?! The new year and the new Spring have brought some challenges from Goddess that I am processing through and making a beginning on. Two new books at the beginning stages (being birthed) and (drum roll here) something that has been a dream of mine for years; a Goddess Temple. She is really pushing me to do this and it does seem to be the right time. Talk about ambitious for me. I like to move along at my own pace and now (boom!) She is really nudging me to do this! Scary!!! Any advice from you my sister in the Goddess would be appreciated! Sending Hugs and Love to you. Donna aka Lady Isis Rose

    • Thanks so much for reading my post. Advice? One thing I know about working for the Goddess: Sometimes, She is a mysterious employer. What I mean is, I can’t always wait until I know three steps ahead before walking toward Her goals, She often shows me only the one single next step. Let me know if that feels relevant because, perhaps, this is a situation where She wants you to know twenty steps before acting, lol.

      You have a big task, do know I am a resource, I am a spiritual counselor for a lot of my colleagues, helping them figure out the next step and stay sane trying to do good work in a mad world. If you want support, check it out: Blessings!

  3. Wow, u r so welcome. Thank you for saying that my books “have been instrumental in building a foundation for” your beautiful self-love. I am hugely happy to know I have been of service! Hugely! And thanks for visiting my site, do please post again. Warmly, FDG

  4. Thank you Francesca for sharing this. I have been doing this for the last month or so. Being patient with myself, being disciplined about not being my inner authority and reminding myself to be gentle in thought and action with myself when I catch myself going into judgement and disappointment. It has helped me be more relaxed and open to the gratitude for the lesson and the moving beyond it. 🙂 Your books Be A Goddess and Goddess Initiation have been instrumental in building a foundation for myself to be in this space. So thank you for your service Love. 😀

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