The Faerie Queen’s Innocence

The Unseelie Queen and her pawns would have us give our anger supremacy: They would have us fuel our anger with pseudo-morality, the same angry false righteousness that makes pseudo-Christians betray Christ’s message of love.

imageAnger has its place. It should not be suppressed. Nor should its good power be ignored.

But it too often permeates, perhaps subconsciously, many a pagan’s being, many a pagan tradition. It corrodes their magic, until there is none left—none—and they are left only with the pretense of it and childish boasts of power.

I train my students rigorously in magical technique, but it is not enough in itself. I received impeccable magical training, but my magic could not withstand my anger if it were made supreme.

But we have a choice. We can acknowledge and honor our anger, then let it go. Because when we do, we become sure in our guts that we deserve a place with the Faerie Queen and Seelie Court. It cannot be an intellectual exercise—you have to experience letting go of anger to have gut knowledge of the following:

Anger made supreme is a trap the Unseelie set us. When we release anger, to make love supreme, supreme in our cells, the Faerie Queen’s magic and innocence and love flood us. All our green fantasies, and wishes to see the unseen, come true. We feel, feel, note the word “feel,” we will feel the magic that most people can only imagine as part of a dream. Feel it in our waking hours. We will walk the path through enchanted woods. We will feel the World Tree as our safe home.

In other words, we will be magic. That is what happens when a pagan soul relinquishes anger and owns the love in their heart.

Footnote: This material came to me, right before bedtime, day #1 of the Hundred People direct spiritual transmission. But “material” is an insufficient word because, along with insight, was a breathtaking breakthrough experience, more transformative than any realization.

Giving the weeklong transmission caused me many beautiful learning experiences. Posting about only one of them might make that one incorrectly seem more pivotal than the others. But this is the only one I felt guided by my Gods to discuss at length online, thus far.

Have you had a magical Fey experience that substantiates mine or is otherwise relevant? Please post it below. I’d love to read it. And it will support other site visitors.


9 thoughts on “The Faerie Queen’s Innocence

  1. Dear Francesca, Thank you for this powerful teaching about anger and love. This resonates with my recent experience too.

    As yet, I am not clear on all of the impacts of your gift of transmission to 100 souls. The changes in my life seem subtle, natural and graceful. Without strain or particular attention to issues, almost imperceptible shifts seem to have occurred in my attitudes and ability to react to situations which have caused depression and pain on many levels for many, many months and in some cases years.

    Feeling very grateful to you for offering this opportunity. Blessings to you, to all of us gathered together in spirit for this event and to the Great Mother-Father Goddess, God and All That Is, Bonnie Lynne

    • Bonnie Lynne, thank you very much. It feels wonderful when someone relates to something I write.

      And I am soooooooo happy that you are experiencing an ease of important shifts regarding major issues. Am honored that you allowed me to give you a transmission that helped facilitate that. Truly. Take lots of credit for it yourself, though. Yes, I was born with a gift of being able to really shift energy for people, but it is ultimately up to them. For example, my healings only facilitate that which someone is willing to change.

      I too think I’ll be a long time drinking in the blessings of this event.

      I am very touched by your making a blessing-prayer for the 100+ people. The event was only able to happen because they spread word. I think you are very humble to give recognition to this being something that everybody made happen. Blessed be.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Francesca. I love this and the art work of the rose is sublime. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher, guide and friend in my life.

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