Faerie Lammas Ritual 2015



Please join me for a Third Road harvest celebration, Thursday July 30 at noon to 1:00 EST.

Let’s celebrate our harvests and manifest additional bounty.

Let’s honor ancestors, Gaia, and other Gods.

The event is a group phone call. Free and open to all. (Your usual long-distance charges apply, and appear on your phone bill.) No experience needed.

To participate, call 1-712-775-7000. When prompted, enter 1095248#. Dial three to five minutes before noon; it can take a bit to connect, and latecomers are not allowed.

If you want to experience oral tradition, this ritual is an opportunity.

Mark your calendar.

Goddess Bless, Francesca De Grandis

2 thoughts on “Faerie Lammas Ritual 2015

  1. TY, lovely ritual! I’m celebrating the path & reveling in the bliss that this Harvest bountiful & enough! Letting go of the self-condemnation for goals unmet by my Bday and embracing the goals I did meet. This ritual was uplifting and empowering as always. Spending time in your presence is a wonderful gift to myself, it’s a blessing you gift us all with that ability. I Love You & Walk in Light )O( Steph

    • Oh, you are kind, hon. Thank you. You mention things we worked on the ritual, as you affirm they bore fruit for you. I’m happy the ritual worked so well for you! Happy happy! Great to see you as always. Love you bunches.

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