Solstice Snow-Kitty

The kitten almost knocked over huge houseplants trying to get a good view out the window. I figure that was pretty clear guidance from the Universe to take a break from shipping books and go outside with my kitten into the snow.

Our venture probably lasted only ten minutes, and was just us hanging out. But I felt joy and wonder.

Cosmic Cat Nap, Francesca De Grandis

I feel blessed today that I find immense joy in small things, despite daily challenges that would’ve killed many people in both spirit and body. I also feel the hope that my classes impart the same sense of miracle in the wee gifts amidst enormous difficulties. That is not necessarily spelled out in my curriculum descriptions, but it is innate in an authentic spiritual teaching and methodology: life brings challenges, and with them great sorrow; life also brings us great joy if we open to it despite our struggles.

There are, of course, times when trauma or other challenges will overwhelm. Then my job during class or a counseling session is not to be a Pollyanna who callously insists, “If you were really spiritual, you would be cheerful anyway!” The recent deaths of Connecticut children has us deeply grieving. At such times, I share coping and grieving tools, ways to heal, and methods to overcome problems.

We cannot always have the joy the World Tree offers us, and must face inevitable pain. My hope, in my heart today, is that I help my students and clients do that and also help them find as much joy as possible, when it is possible. I am an ecstatic, in love with the world tree, and I believe, deep in the cells of my heart, that the world tree is in love with each of us, so It wants to celebrate existence with us.

On solstice day, I smile thinking about my little faerie kitten looking up at the snow, studying it thoughtfully, and I wish you happy solstice.

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2 thoughts on “Solstice Snow-Kitty

  1. Dear Francesca,

    For years I have felt that you were being challenged physically by something. I want you to know that I respect you and honor your service to the world and to all children of the Star Goddess. I always think of you with appreciation since reading “Be A Goddess”, for having introduced me to the Star Goddess. She has been an amazing presence in my life!

    Whenever I think of you I send off healing energy for whatever you need. I wish you a very Happy New Year. May it be the best year yet!

    Star filled blessings,

    Donna aka Lady Isis Rose
    Enchanted Rose Moon Circle
    Palm Beach Gardens, Fl

    • Donna, how very kind, o my, thank you so much!

      I feel the love in your words and healing.

      However, please do not send me healings. Spiritual healings can harmful to me unless they are done with knowledge of my unusual circumstances. A story: I let almost no one do healings on me. But one day someone offered, and I realized the person would know what to do with me, so I said yes. He started the working. Then he said, “o, I cannot do it, you are [insert my unusual circumstances]. And thereof I might do you more harm than good.”

      I even went to a professional healer who, after reading me, said he would have to do the healing in such a such a way bc of my [unusual circumstances], he would have to to do the work in a way he had never done before.

      But I do feel the love in your intentions, and am deeply humbled by your caring and kindness. And I am so glad you introduced yourself to me, let us keep it up.

      Happy new year, may it be all you want, with love and sisterhood, FDG

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