Snow Faerie Snowflakes

Updated 2021.

This post was written in the mythopoetic realm that I’m always building, that I might continue to inhabit it happily. It’s a lighthearted post overall, in hopes it helps keep our spirits bright during wintry days. Included are some more serious thoughts—which I believe also can keep life bright. Let me know what you think.

Isn’t it amazing how someone can spot a wonderful part of you that you’ve overlooked? William Dreamdancer, an online friend who is an astute fellow, noticed that I’m a snow faerie.

Here I am, one of Santa’s Yule elves, but I never noticed I was a snow faerie. How could I have missed that? . . . I mean, you don’t have to be a snow faerie to be a Yule elf. Santa gives different jobs to different elves. But still …

Informed of William’s insight, Santa made me one of his official Snow Fairies this year. That is the job title for elves who tend the snow. (If you wonder why I’ve spelled it Faeries earlier in the post, and now I’m spelling it Fairies, check out this post:

My job as a Snow Fairy is creating snowflakes. I’ve gotten to make a lot of them. Making them makes me very happy.

Some Snow Fairies fashion snowflakes, and other Snow Fairies tend the snow in different ways, e.g., ensuring snowflakes don’t melt before they have a chance to fall from the sky. (I love making up the facts of my mythopoetic realm. And once I make them up, they’re true.)

On the mundane plane: I did a series of paintings that involved my drawing approximately one-hundred unique snowflakes. This post has three of those paintings.

A single snowfall uses up a lot of snowflakes. However, as I said, I’m not the only one of Santa’s elves who creates snowflakes.

In fact, every time you create paper cuttings of snowflakes to adorn a Yule tree, tape to a window, or otherwise decorate your home, you’re automatically one of the Yule elves helping make snow. Ditto your children when they start cutting the paper.

During a snowfall, I love watching Wind Fairies blow my snowflakes hither and thither.

Wind Fairies also make snowflakes drift lazily down. When they fall on you, look carefully and remember that Snow Fairies make each snowflake unique, especially for you.

Drawing snowflakes is a meditation that centers me into sanity and sacredness, which keeps me from going down the rabbit hole of dysfunction aka America’s holiday craziness. One of many perks of working for Santa is getting to do jobs that maintain joy, not only mine but that of others.

Popular culture, which as a whole considers magic nonsense, embraces it this time of year.

For one thing, during winter, many people who would humbug magic the rest of the year become open to miracle transforming their lives.

Also, the population as a whole becomes more open to extravagant decor. They forsake bourgeois restraint and the bland decor that results, replacing it with sparkling lights, bright red clothing, and gaudy displays. Typical holiday decor, with its exuberant fun, fills the air with magic. (Christmas decor is Pagan at heart and often has Pagan roots historically.)

Plus every year, folks everywhere are excited about a jolly elf who flies through the air, mysteriously managing to give gifts all over the world in a single night. If he isn’t wondrous and magical, nothing is, and I love seeing people suspend their disbelief (even if it’s only long enough to watch a Santa Claus movie).

Popular culture’s indulgence in magic this time of year is such happy, satisfying fun for me.

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7 thoughts on “Snow Faerie Snowflakes

  1. Are you going to be doing a full oracle deck of Snowflakes and your other paintings? The colors are so eye-catching/popping and there is such magic!

    The one with the hearth/warmth of Goddess Brigid/Brigit image reminds me of what you get from The Sun card in the tarot/what she represents and the entire solar energy.

    I always like to joke around that I’m one of Santa’s Elves but never quite knew or heard of being a Yule Elf….I want to know more if you can direct me to a link on it.

    When you are a year round Yule Elf you dust snowflakes of magic everywhere you can, right?

    To me snowflakes I like to think or believe that snowflakes are very much like mandalas?

    Thank you so much!

    I’m born in the Winter month and it was a day on a snowstorm and have always found snowflakes to be something I love or anything magical with those how when fresh snow looks like it glitters/sparkles on top.

    • Thank you, Lisa, for such kind words about my paintings! The three above paintings are now in the Faerie Ritual Set at

      You and I are very much on the same page: Your description of the Bridget piece is very much what I was trying to convey when I painted it.

      As to directing you to a link about Yule elves: I am the link. Yule elves is not an idea I learned from anybody. I’ve written a fair amount on it, in my blogs, so just search this site and my other site, for “santa” or “yule”.

      And yup, you have the magic all year round.

      I believe snowflakes are one of Mother Nature’s way of making mandalas, so I try to represent that when I paint snowflakes. See how often we’re on the same page? Cool!

      Thanks again for your comment and lovely description about being born in winter.

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