Being Seen in Truth



Recently, a new student told me, “I expected to be blown away, but not in the very first class. Wow!” That felt great, but frustrating, because my work’s exceptional quality is hard to believe, so when I describe the nature of my classes and counseling, and the benefits of working with me, it sounds like promotional hype or an ego party.

(I should represent my work as mediocre, more people might study with me, LOL!)

It is crazy-making to be extraordinarily gifted and not get to use that as much as I could to serve folks, bc some fool told them my class descriptions are hype. Ok. End of vent. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

The solution: I trust the Universe is divinely, correctly aligned; I keep telling the truth re who I am and what I do; and I hold foremost in my thoughts the immense blessing I am given—that some folks fully see me, the same way I see them; as I reflect their full beauty and power back to them when we work together, they are my fellow seekers, awesome camaraderie and support in my spiritual growth.
I’m so excited to offer Archetype Coaching in a one-hour appointment, instead of only as part of something else—such as a class—which is how I have done it til now!