Book of Shadows


My Fey kin,

Announcing a two-volume Third Road Book of Shadows:

* consisting of two PDF ebooks,

* every page ornamented by my full color shamanic art.

SmBanrFull price for this two-volume Faerie Book of Shadows is $50. Buy it at the special price of $43.

This is easy traditional witchery with substance: Pagan liturgy, inspirational contemplations, prayer,
mystical musings, and other straightforward magics help you live free and create your destiny.

The books aren’t like my texts that require committing to a training. You can think of some of these Book of Shadows entries as relaxed strolls through Fey landscapes. Entries vary in length. Some are a few words, like a quick visit I hope makes you smile … or even giggle mischievously.

I believe these otherworldly moments, which access Third Road shamanism, add beauty, inspiration, and enchantment to the reader’s life.

This project is a deeply personal sharing—intimate glimpses into both my private Faerie journey and my day as a shamanic guide.

Total pages of the two PDFs is 191 pages. My original shamanic art blesses every page, so mote it be!

Book I is The Third Road: a Faerie Shaman’s Book of Shadows. Its magic overflows into Book II: Trickster, with more Third Road Book of Shadows entries, including my pivotal 4000 word essay about trickster energy.


Trickster is usually portrayed as a conniving deity or person who perpetuates cruel jokes for our own good. The essay details how this is an erroneous view that squelches freedom.

I have an unusual view of trickster. The essay introduces you to the Trickster who’s neither cruel nor conniving. In a kind manner, she opens the door to freedom and joy. This trickster energy betters my private Fey life and work as a shamanic guide in ways not generally considered the sacred clown’s role, even in modern Pagan culture.

You meet the innocent—and often Divine Feminine—Faerie Trickster from whom all powers and joys spring. Divine Feminine Trickster is explicitly discussed in the essay a tiny bit and is implied in all its words.

I share this previously unpublished Trickster material after so many years because it’s pivotal to the immensely effective magic and enchanted Fey qualities people experience in the Third Road tradition of witchcraft.

Below is a sample page. It is not crisp and clear like the actual e-books because this website blurs images. Ditto the books’ covers.


I set a low price for high value, because I want you able to acquire an enchanted treasure.

If you cannot afford the set: I’m exploring options for low-income folks. More about that in a newsletter.

This set is two digital ebooks: PDFs with all original art by the author. Available only from the author here:

I decided against selling my last few books on Amazon. This is challenging, but some texts need independence. I sell them directly to my beautiful readers and fulfill orders personally.

From my Fey heart to yours,
Francesca De Grandis aka Outlaw Bunny

19 thoughts on “Book of Shadows

  1. Hi Francesca

    Did not expect to get these so quickly after purchasing them.. thank you so much !

    The art work looks fantastic by the way …

    Bright Blessings

  2. Francesca’s book is such a luscious joy. I am enthralled by how her visionary painting and witchy wisdom dance and play. It’s a stunning piece of art as well as a treasure trove of psychic support, lyrical mysticism, and opportunities to deepen communion with my Goddess.

  3. Francesca, I just finished your Book of Shadows!!! WOW !!! Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us again and again!!! Your words always resonate into the core of my being!! Then as your words begin to make subtle changes in me I feel refreshed, rejuvenated as the love of the Goddess and God spread down my entire being!! Peace , beauty and love take over me ?

  4. I haven’t gotten all the way through them yet but I am Loving these books. I especially love that they are downloads. I can have little boost during a difficult or busy day when I really need it. Thank You Francesca!

    • Thank YOU for posting a review! And, Kaycee, you mentioned one of the things I tried to include in the books: quick little snippets right when you need ’em. So yr comment is very affirming for me. Rock on!

  5. This book set is such a valuable resource for me. I know I will be referencing it for years to come, I already have a page of notes for specific things I want to come back to. Just like all her other books this set I will be reading again and again.

    • Brianne, I am thrilled by the idea of somebody taking notes when reading my books. That just tickles me. Thank you for letting me know and for posting a positive review to support my work. ❤️

  6. These books are absolutely beautiful. I am instantly drawn to the vibrant colors of your art and appreciate that your art is an integral part of the magick the book presents.

    I am very excited to use your work for an upcoming Samhain ritual I will be attending. I will be opening and closing the ritual, a first for me to do solo.

    One of the things I love the most about the magick Francesca teaches is I always have what I need, when I need it.

    Thank you!

    • Jason, thanks for those beautiful words. I’m delighted you’re using some of the material for a Samhain ritual. I’m also glad the material is empowering you as you take that leadership position for the first time. Wow, let me know how it goes. Thanks again!

  7. Francesca has done it again! Her books are unique and provide layer upon layer of magick for novices and advanced practitioners. This new set of books is a must have for anyone serious about following a spiritual path with the fae.

  8. Such beautiful books, both for their poetry and the stunning calligraphy and visual art.

    Many thanks for Francesca for compiling this collection of stories, poetry, reflections and liturgy. It’s a great help for anyone walking the Third Road path and I image just as wonderful for someone randomly stumbling into your beautiful and inspiring web.

  9. I love how the graphics tell their own story. You could scroll through the books, not reading a word, and be told a story. Not a literal story, but a magical story, nonetheless. That some pieces are completely different is wonderful. I love the addition of some older hand-written pages.

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