Blessing This Site #3

The Generous Sun – Francesca De Grandis, 2012. In gratitude, I painted this fantasy portrait of Kathleen. We’ve been doing projects together since the 80s, and it is always a joy.

This post is to express gratitude for the banners on this site. First: gratitude to the amazing artist, Kathleen Marshall, who made all but two of the banners that go across the top of this site’s pages. She made 13, one to top each page. Her work is a blessing, do wander the site to see it! If you see a top banner, it is by her, except for two I did: One on the “My Other Site” page, and one to use when we need an additional banner here on out; to see the latter click here. I also have reason to be grateful for those two I made, and the ones I made for the sidebar, read on.

I want to share gratitude because I’ve felt in sync with wild Fey gods re the banners, and everything else to do with revitalizing this site. It seems like my Gods are blessing the site. Publically sharing a few banner moments I am grateful for feels like a way to keep the good juju going, so let me continue:

The painting I did for Kathleen to use for the banners constituted real improvement for me, and any improvement I make as an artist, spiritual being, or anything else is Goddess-given. I painted the piece as a magical touchstone for the site, wanting to create a landscape within the Fey realms. Was very surprised it actually looks the way parts of Faerie appear to me. I was mega-shocked I’d actually pulled it off—but, then, LOL, I’m such a novice-painter that I’m easily impressed with anything I do. “Ooh, I drew something that kind of looks like a face, wow, i can kinda draw a face.”

Another blessing was my equal surprise about the calligraphy I sent Kathleen for the banners (I did all the calligraphy). Aside from one or two lessons from mom, I’m self-taught. I’ve been calligraphing on and off since I was 14 and, with these banners, was finally happy with calligraphy I’ve done. I honestly didn’t like my calligraphy until now. (I am in my sixties. It just goes to show, persistence pays.)

Another blessing was getting to try digital art during the banner making process. Oh Goddess mine, I adore doing digital art, thank you for sending it my way. So all side banners (they are at the bottom for some browsers, and may not be on all pages yet) are my doing. The fantasy portrait of Kathleen is also done digitally. The digital art started me doing fantasy portraits, which I have luuuved painting!

Thank you for sharing a bit of my gratitude. That in itself is a profound blessing. Below, please add a verbal blessing if you want. Or make another sort of comment – hey, it will be a blessing in its own way. Love and peace, out.

2 thoughts on “Blessing This Site #3

  1. Hi, sweetie, thank you for those kind words: You are always generous. It is amazing that we have collaborated on projects since 1986. The other day, I was thinking about you and other longtime friends with whom I have repeatedly collaborated, and how lucky I am for your and their support, creativity, and loyalty; the creative process is not an easy longterm road, so it ends unless the seeker has loyalty to it and to fellow seekers. On another note: You wrote “Even when I say I’m abandoning it, you know it’s just going dormant for a bit.” Dang, I thought you hadn’t noticed. 🙂 I’ve tried to just say, “Whatever you think is best” bc I did believe that. Though I thought you were just taking a breather, I tried not to let my voice show it, bc I could be wrong. Heh, you know me too well. And i cannot thank you enough for encouraging me so much to explore my visual art more, it has made that effort joyful instead of frustrating. XOOX

  2. Thanks, Francesca. I just came out of a meditation and here this is! What a wonderful gift! I’m also so very grateful for you and your support of me all these years! You’ve always been so very nurturing of my crazy style. Even when I say I’m abandoning it, you know it’s just going dormant for a bit. I’m always happy to help you get your art out there because I know it’s part of your wonderful teachings as much as your words are. SMOOOOOOCHES!!!!!!

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