Which photos for my book?

My upcoming book shares my journey as a witch, so I’m including a handful of photos of me at different ages. Here are pics from today. I thought photos of me when I’m close to finishing the book would make nice memories for me.

Would you like any of them in the book? Which (Witch?) ones? Would love your input.

I’m not asking your opinion about other people’s possible reactions. I actually want to know which you’d personally enjoy in the book.

At age 66, it’s interesting looking at photos of myself that I’ll release publicly. My young, dewy beauty long gone, all that is left in the photographs is who I am inside, for all to see. And for me to face and embrace.

Examining these pics, I am content. I see in myself an elder shaman, a wild wanderer traveling between atoms, and a loving, mystic fool who still enjoys life. Whew!

Each pic has a number above it, so you can tell me by number which you like.

I think they’ll be crisper and clearer in the book.

Thanks so much for your support!

Number1: July2016FDG1

Number 2:July2016FDG2

Number 3:July2016FDG3

Number 4: July2016FDG4

Number 5: July2016FDG5

39 thoughts on “Which photos for my book?

  1. Number five – proud head stance – you are proud of who you are, and where you are in this lifetime! Rockin’ Witch!! 🙂

    • Thank you for your supportive fun comment and for explaining about the inner light, maybe that is why most folks chose that pic. I’ve been trying to figure out why. … Hm. We all have such beautiful lights in us, I think it’s hard for photos to show that.

    • Kathy, LOL, awesome! I feel like that shot’s mischievous, though nobody’s mentioned it except one person. She’s been around me face-to-face a lot, so would have gotten to know that expression means I am internally cracking up laughing. Not laughing in a mean way, just having a good time. Since you are a trickster, I suspect you would translate mirth as confident etc. Or maybe I’m reading too much into your comment. In any case, thank you bunches for your VERY useful feedback and lovingly kind words.

  2. All the pictures are lovely but 1 conveys the most warmth. You look so young! I would love to know what you use on your skin to look so beautiful.

    • Jennifer, thank you for your kind words and also for explaining why you like #1. Explanations are useful.

      My mother told me to never use soap on my skin, so I don’t. I tried different facial cleansers for a while and finally went back to what I did when I was young:

      I don’t use anything on my face. Once in a blue moon I’ll use a facial soap but very rarely.

      Because of my disabilities, I take baths, not showers. After I’ve soaked in the tub for a while, so my facial skin has softened up, I use a very gentle loofah on it.

      Also, I think it helps that I soak in the tub, because it purifies my skin.

      Occasionally I do a mask pf ground herbs while I’m soaking in the bathtub, then gently rub my face with the herbs. Or I gently scrub my face with salt. I hope this is useful. Thanks again!

    • Briesha, how nice to hear from you! Thank you so much for “dropping by” my site. And for your input. I am well. I miss you too and hope you are well. I love the black-and-white photograph you aren using for your Facebook profile picture now. Lots of love.

    • Hi, Sharon, thanks for yr kind words and input. … You know, I never expected anyone to find these pictures beautiful. I guess I was being ageist with myself.

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