Phoenix Resurrection

Phoenix Resurrection

I celebrate—here with community—my triumph over a long initiatory ordeal.

Hear my confident victory cry: 10+ years, flames tempered my steel and burned away dross. Til nothing remained except power, abundance, and beauty. Now, my story is victory and joy. I’m happier and more abundant than ever.

Humans are resilient. I overcame a 10+ year nightmare, one tragedy after another. Now, my story is victory and joy. On all fronts: Health, finances, delight, and more. For one thing—just one!—I should’ve died, but now have many good years ahead.

Here—hear—my victory cry: I did more than survive, I thrive again.

It has been quite some time, now, that I thrive again.

I thank my Gods, my community, and my stubbornness.

Victory: I was an excellent shamanic guide, but I used my extreme trials to become an even better guide, so that I can do the next works my Gods require. The foundation beneath my flight was firm, but now it is beyond strength—it is the Universe card, the Tao, the moment, the always.

A 10+ year initiatory bonfire, on which Gods stacked my old ways, til painful blaze reached sky, allowed Phoenix rebirth.

For a good long while now, that fire—transmuted—has been a nourishing Dragon fire within me, fueling my joy and Eagle flight. Some days, it quiets to a banked ember in my heart, warming my soul and loin.

Now my story is victory and joy. Doubt you can rise? You can fly! We humans can wrongly think we’ve lost ourselves. But Scorpio me was always Dragon, even when I couldn’t sense my fire.

I am Phoenix reborn. Flames laid waste the past, birthing warmth-driven foliage. Now, Phoenix relaxes—an easy flight in sacred meadow and passionate forest born from the Phoenix’s own rebirth.

I am Eagle soaring free, no longer pierced by arrow. I am Dragon holding up the sky.

Now, my story is victory and joy. I celebrate through gratefulness. Thank you.

12 thoughts on “Phoenix Resurrection

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  3. You are very welcome. The post really was really meaningful for me, and felt timed so right. It seemed to answer some questions for some “up in the air” issues I’d been dealing with. Now I feel much better about them.

    • I am so glad you got some resolution, thank you for letting me know. Btw, I had a change of view, and am now leaning toward preferring my original language, instead of the possible revision I mentioned. Oh, we perfectionist poets! 🙂

  4. I am in joy, and comforted, as I honor and celebrate your victory cry reverberating into the empyrean! “Flames laid waste the past, birthing warmth-driven foliage. Now, Phoenix relaxes—an easy flight in sacred meadow and passionate forest born from the Phoenix’s own rebirth.” Ah! So scintillating with ever-fresh renewal of Phoenix’s uprising. The resounding call is felt and feeds the rest of all the woodland-verse’s creatures! Archaic and new, each cell is alert. Hip hip hooray!

    • Holly, thank you for sharing my victory celebration. Bless you! Your post is beautiful, you have such a way with words and express such amazing things with them. I am also glad you like that particular paragraph, bc I was tempted to toss it, just to shorten the piece. And also bc I was not happy with the wording of the second sentence, rewrite after rewrite, until, of course, after I had made the graphic and posted it. It was only then I saw a way to reword it: The flames that laid waste the past birthed warmth-driven foliage. Much love. PS it is also nice to get your post here, bc folks gave me supportive responses to this blog by posting them on Facebook, but it is nice to have one here where I will see it again later. Love, FDG

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