Goddess Womb Dreamcatcher

GdsWmbDC1S The only lore I’ve read about dreamcatchers is specific to dreams and nightmares. I sensed a deeper layer about visions—and an even deeper layer about the Goddess. To convey everything I channeled, I crafted a poem and a sculpture. I call them both “Goddess Womb Dreamcatcher.”

The poem and sculpture also convey my thanksgiving to Goddess.

To make the sculpture, I felted wool into organic shapes like leaves, vines, flowers, and a feather. I attached the shapes to a V-shaped stick, so the Dreamcatcher would be reminiscent of a woman’s reproductive system.

The poem is below, but first a detail of the Dreamcatcher: the wool sculpted feather.


Shout out to the folks at Living Felt, where I purchase my wool: they sell quality felting supplies, created without cruelty to sheep, and provide exceptional customer service.

OK, this is the poem, (prayer, affirmation, contemplation, story, brilliant insights, brilliant application of said insights, visualization, ritual, etc.,):

Goddess Womb Dreamcatcher

All visions spring from the Goddess’ belly.
They travel down
until they meet a feather,
then tumble from between Her legs,
onto my mind.

I give thanks.

My mind is a womb upside down, though my mind is right side up.
My womb is a mind upside down, though my womb is right side up.
I am whole if I live in paradox.

I give thanks.

All life is woven within Her womb.
She’s the spinner who spun Herself into being.
I offer the life and art I weave to Her.

I give thanks.

NesltrSqTShe is the dreamer and the dream.
There is no Dreamcatcher but Her.
I send Her my dreams as an offering.

I give thanks.

The Goddess protects me—
captures both nightmares and sweet dreams,
taking them into Herself,
then birthing only the beauty
into my waking day.

I give thanks.

Yes, She’s Nightmare as well
—cackling menace in my powerless hours,
which are both sleeping and waking.
Even in those times, She holds all creation
—including the whole of me—
as the weaving of life that’s safe in Her womb.

I give thanks.

She bestows on me Her complete Self:
all creation and all beyond creation.
My ideal: give Her no less of myself,
offer my entirety
to Her and Her dreams.

I give thanks.


2 thoughts on “Goddess Womb Dreamcatcher

  1. Aloha Francesca,
    This is Bonni Cardoza, we have not spoken in many years but I think of you often. I’m living in Kauai now and this place is filled with the mana that you taught me about so many years ago… On a whim I decided to look you up and I was glad I did. Even now I feel our connection. Your latest blog “Goddess womb dreamcatcher” was just what I needed to read. My daughter Gaia asked me the other day if there were dream catchers that did more then take away bad dreams. I am going to share your poem with her and craft our own goddess womb dreamcatchers. I love you always and hope you are well. Mahalo for all you do. Aloha Bonni Cardoza now Bonni Clark

    • Bonni, hello! I’m so glad to hear from you. Thank you. You are always in my heart but I did not know how to get in touch with you. I would love to chat on the phone sometime if you want to email me your phone number. I can’t believe your daughter is old enough to ask grown up questions, let alone discuss something so sophisticated. I hope you’re well, take care. Blessings on your heart.

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