The Azoetia by Andrew D. Chumbley, for sale

DSCF7935The book is signed and numbered, #69 of 300. Andrew gave me the book in the nineties.

I wonder if he intentionally gave me the one numbered 69, because Andrew was trying to seduce me. His attempts were unsuccessful. I imagine, given the nature of his work, the number adds value to this collector’s item.

This post serves as testimony that the book was personally given to me.

Be clear, I am not recommending this book. Quite honestly, I only read a bit of it. After discussions with Andrew about his work, I did not like what he was up to. But I never would sell part of my occult library til recently.

Now, I’m selling some of the books from my metaphysical collection built over decades, because am simplifying my life. Sales will also raise funds for my move back to California, yahoo!

You can get the material in this book free online, so do not buy this unless you are an occult collector.

Andrew added a sigil by his signature. I have no idea what it means, and do not know whether he put that sigil on all copies of this book.

The book is in good but not perfect condition: some corners and edges are battered, and there is minor staining from storage. Click on photos to see them larger and clearer.

$2200. Will ship domestic only. Scroll down to buy: Enter yr phone number then use the secure Paypal button.

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Inherent Magic & Fundie Paganism

Magic is a flow within the fabric of reality. Magic is also a state of being inherent in all living things. Magic is also living in myth, actually living it. And magic is love. Fundamentalist religion, including fundamentalist Wicca, squelches one’s magical being, squelches one’s love, and separates one from the larger flow of loving magic. If you judge others’ magic, your own may weaken.

Beloved Fellow Seeker, Thank you for your spiritual journey, because I can’t grow spiritually alone.

I wrote a book, out of gratitude for you and love for you: “Sprinkling Faerie Dust on Breakfast: A Daily Reader for Busy Parents and Their Children . . . and for Any Way-Busy Person.”

Spiritual reading that fits into your day and supports travelers of any spiritual path.

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