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Enjoy the holidays, Pagan style. Make your season happy, abundant, safe, sacred, sane, and magical. This course has five powerful aspects:

WhtSnoflkOne) Weekly lessons, delivered to you by email. Each lesson is a digital Book of Shadows entry (PDF), ornamented by my seasonal shamanic art, which makes the Book of Shadows a cherished tradition in the years ahead.

I boiled lessons down to their essence, so they tend to be easy and accessible. They include:

* simple quick spells, prayers, and affirmations, to nourish, energize, and inspire you during the holidays.

* fun holiday crafts and decorations, Pagan-style. Use common household items to make enchanted seasonal decor: charms for just about anything you might wish. Children enjoy these crafts. Also, discover how typical American holiday decorations can be used in spells.

* Special rituals. We’ll experience the Winter Goddess’ sacred realm. Center into wholeness and joy. Enjoy the season’s spiritual beauty. Rites include a star-drenched Faerie Solstice celebration.

* Lots of material to choose from. Pick what you want to use this year and enjoy the rest for many years to come. The course includes powerful Fey-touched material I’d not published previously.

During your busy holiday season, there’s no need to waste time searching online for fun or meaningful activities. This course delivers them to you.

Enjoy unique magics not available elsewhere.

PnkSnoflkTwo) Magical decor: eight digital full-color amulets—my original Pagan art—for harmony, success, and more. Print and cut out to hang on your Yule tree or elsewhere in your home. Four of the amulets’ designs are suitable to display all four seasons, for yearlong blessings.

WhtSnoflkThree) Six audio recordings made especially for this course. Hearing spoken word can be enchanting, and a way you and I can be in sacred space together. So I recite excerpts of the weekly lessons. One recording will be part of the Yule ritual.

Receiving gorgeous PDFs, relaxing to enchanted recordings, and printing amulets are a satisfying, productive use of the digital world, instead of overdosing on social media and online shopping.

PnkSnoflkFour) I’m available by phone for up to 45 minutes. If you have questions about the material, need support because your commitment to the lessons falters, want to further explore a particularly tantalizing part of the curriculum, or have other concerns, feel free to phone.

You can divide the 45 minutes into two or three conversations. Conversations must occur during the span of the course or within a month after.

WhtSnoflkFive) Exclusive gift: I’ll give you a five-day direct spiritual transmission during Solstice week at no extra cost! Free! The price would have been $150. This Yule blessing heals inner blocks that sabotage your happiness, spiritually rejuvenates you, and centers you into what’s important to you. These benefits can last for months if not years.

StarSwirl3November is a turning point in the Pagan calendar. The course starts November 5, with your first lesson. You receive one lesson a week by email for 11 weeks. That will bring us halfway into January.

Post-Solstice lessons provide spells for a great 2024. You also learn how to work with mystical energies that occur in the weeks immediately after Solstice. Years ago, I noticed those energies and spent goodly hours developing related shamanic modalities for significant self-empowerment. Most of the post-Solstice material has remained unpublished till now.

If an unexpected event makes me unable to send one week’s planned material, I’ll extend the course an extra week.

Tuition: The regular price is $209 a month for three months, but I’ve lowered the cost to $167 a month. That is 20% off!

Scroll down to pay securely with PayPal:

Pls give me yr phone #

No experience needed. However, even advanced practitioners will enjoy this. If you need more information, or want to discuss scholarship, trade, or a special payment plan, call the phone number below. No refunds. My online courses aren’t transcriptions of oral tradition lessons. I teach oral tradition by phone. The online courses are special unto themselves—magic tailored to be spectacularly useful, exciting, effective, and safe when learned online.

Lessons are substantive without being overwhelming. You are brought gently and deeply into star-drenched Mysteries that heal, empower, and uplift.

Lessons also help us find joy. Joy is not an extravagance but more important than ever. Even when it is tiny, or we’re striving for it unsuccessfully, it wraps us in the Gods’ love for us. This helps Them protect, heal, and strengthen us. And They become more able to bring us abundance and other material blessings. Embrace Their gifts. Enroll now.

4 thoughts on “Online Course: Holiday Magic

  1. This was a totally awesome class! I definitely found this class beneficial. I loved these lessons because they felt like one on one private lessons.

    I found the audio portions very helpful! I loved hearing you speak and it added an oral feel to the lesson. It helped in deepening the effect of the lesson!

    The digital Yule talismans you painted are very BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL! They centered me for the magic of this season and I loved that visually that they reminded me of their energies that they contained. I love visual clues.

    I loved the artwork being a part of the lesson and I feel that it helped to intensify the work and the energies in the lesson. Totally perfect!

    I loved all of this course. My favorite part was the being Santa’s elf !!! It helped me to see the holiday season in a new way and I thank you for that.


  2. This was such a truly unique, valuable offering. It was golden. Spirit-charging the holidays (with pagan beauty) is so needed, original and missing – until this work came along! I look forward to using it again next year!

    Your artwork was so beautiful, and greatly enhanced the content. It was so enchanting, and conveyed how treasured this content was for the author, thereby increasing the seriousness I took it all as a reader/student.

    Hearing the oral transmission made the prayers more real, powerful and memorable. This made them go from my head into my heart.

    The Yule decor talismans were charming and encouraging. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but tried it out, and it actually worked! I had abundance and “felt” this increase tied to the charms in particular!

    There was an the abundance of rituals. I wanted to do them all. Each one made me feel good, soothed and surrounded by love.

    I was dreading the holidays. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through it. And I must say that I think this holiday season was the most pleasant I have experienced in many, many (10+) years. Thank you Francesca!!!!

  3. Great course!

    I’m so grateful to have such a lovely new vision for how to relate myself to the holiday season. Now I have a better sense of my own more witchy and pagan perspectives on the seasonal calendar.

    I really enjoyed the ritual work offered throughout. Also, getting to know the winter queen through your eyes and heart was a very powerful experience for me.

    The lessons were a perfect length.

    The course really got me through a lot of holiday stress and confusion and help me evoke a sense of safety when I needed it.

    I was so into your artwork, as it added a layer of engagement to the work that helped me tap into some really deep energetic spaces while I was reading and contemplating it later. As an artist it inspired me so much to see how the visuals could interweave with the language on the page to convey a beautiful magical experience. How beautiful and seamless your words and imagery flow together. Such a great accomplishment. I cannot wait for the next one.

    I found the audio portions to be a lovely addition to the experience of a written class format.

    Oh my goodness, I love the magical decorations you painted! I was grateful to have something tangible I could share with my family and that I could decorate my house with to literally bring holiday blessings into my space.

  4. Great course! I am often not able to commit to a specific time each week and this gave me the chance to work within my schedule. The Yule decor talismans were sweet and a part of the holiday story, a way to visually hold the magic in my home. I also like your artwork in all of your lessons, much more engaging than just simple text. I can feel your intention through the artwork. And the audio portions brought much to the workings as there is no substitution for hearing your voice – the cadence, tone, rhythm. What a great opportunity this course was! Thanks for offering it!

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