Hiding, Healing, Power. Pt 3

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Hiding, Healing, Power. Part Three
Written and painted in March and/or early April, 2012.

Part one: https://stardrenched.com/2012/06/13/hiding-healing-power/
Part two: https://stardrenched.com/2012/06/27/hiding-healing-power-pt-2/ 

Part Three
When she grew up, something else wonderful happened. That little girl grew up to be Goddess Diana—Great Mother, Light-Bearer.

Faerie art, Francesca De Grandis

Diana, Great Mother Goddess. Available as a limited first edition print. For more info, click on the picture.

A child became a deity, yes. Yes, she did. Let yourself hide.

Hiding is not always about shame or fear. It might be a time of preparation or privacy, a time of beauty or empowerment, a time of nurturance or growth.
Faerie art, Francesca De GrandisHiding can be motivated by discretion.

A hiding child became a deity, a bearer of light, a light held high. The woman no longer hiding.
That little girl was always god. But she needed discretion to find it.

Diana lived with her cat who was secretly a Faerie. (See Aradia, Gospel of the Witches, for lore about Diana and her Fey Cat.)

The woman, the Goddess, hung a welcome sign on her front door. People came to see her. (Mind you, she still hid a lot of the time, and we will get to that in a moment.) She healed people with her light. Or tickled them with it. She used her light to guide others to their own shiny brilliance and to that of the Gods.

Here is the welcome sign she hung up. Faerie art, Francesca De Grandis
Faerie art, Francesca De GrandisDiana is Goddess of Witches. This warm, protective deity has given me tremendous solace and healing many times over the years.

Often, her visitors hid with her. That was fun.

And sometimes—often, in fact—she still hid all by herself. Well, her cat was with her. As were other gods. They are always nearby.

Tucked in her home, she traveled to wonderful places.

Faerie art, Francesca De GrandisHer visitors went on great adventures with her, traveling between the stars.

Faerie art, Francesca De Grandis

Where You and Diana Go if You Visit Her. Available as a limited first edition print. For more info, click on the picture.

 When someone is hiding, I look twice to find the god. The end.

Faerie art, Francesca De Grandis

Storyteller (the author, self-portrait). Available as a limited first edition print. For more info, click on the picture

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11 thoughts on “Hiding, Healing, Power. Pt 3

  1. Thank you for your honest replies.
    I can relay to your observation – it seems to me that on everything we create we leave our mark (like our experiences, moods, etc), so everything we write or paint transports parts of our views of the world, of ourselves (and more). Sometimes I’m extremly surprised how much my paintings reflect myself or experiences, thoughts,… In the process of creating I’m so occupied with the “doing” that I forget how much the viewer can actually see of my personality if only he/ she looks hard enough. 😉

    Altough we don’t konw each other I have the feeling I can trust you (it might is naive and usually I’m a very shy and distant person), that’s why I decided to take part in your spiritual transmission. Is there anything I can do to help the process (should I be clear about what I want to change, do you need to know something about me)?
    I know I should have called you about this, but the fees for the call and the time difference – I thought this way would be easier.
    I wish you happy or merry Lamas!

    • I love what u said about being so in the creative process u don’t notice it reflects yr own story.  I did not know you are a painter. Of course, I only have interacted with you  via a few posts here, but it is cool we both paint. So very cool!

      I am honored you want to do the transmission and feel trust for me. Truly! I cannot discuss it here, though, I only do that by phone. I wish I could accommodate you but, well it is a long story. I am available off and on from 11 am – 5 pm, m- f, EST. 814-337-2490. Thanks so much for yr interest, I love doing  the transmissions.

      Happy lammas! 

      • I’ve signed up to the transmission. I hope it’s still okay to call you next monday or tuesday at about 11am for further details (how to make the most of it).
        I guess I’m already changing by enrolling and moreover by making this call. 😉
        Have a great day, Christina

        • Awesome. You should be able to get me easily. Like I said, I am available off and on after 11 am. And i agrre re already changing. I always think that the decision to try shifts something inside you and in the cosmos. Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you for this tale. I feel similar to Phaedra – this story really moves me.
    I’ve read it and now my perception of hiding is shifting. From being something negative to something positive, necessary, healing,… it’s a load off my mind (it might sounds odd but it brings me to tears – in a good way).
    Since you’ve mentioned how much my previous comments resonate with your points of view/ the content of your books (no, I wasn’t quoting them 😉 – at least not conciously), I’ve started to reread your books. I believe my own view of life and the world changed in the past years, and now I can understand your writing on a different, maybe deeper, level. Be blessed.

    • Thank you bunches for your comments. The odd thing is (not that it has anything to do with your comment, but I feel like telling you): the story came from the paintings, not the other way around. I was driven to paint pics of hiding children, and then realized they were Faerie tale illubstrations. So the story was built on them.   and I find it interesting that, now that I am painting, I express visually the same things I express in words.

      I was also surprised when I finished the story, because, while writing it, I had not known it was my own. Not that every part of it is mine, not in the least. But it is mine in that I love my hiding, enjoy solitude hugely. Like many a fellow Scorpio, I thrive when I am  invisible. Despite being a public figure, I live in the quiet. And, like in the faerie tale, this invisible life grew me into a shaman, a goddess, and a guide who travels with students to wild realms in the otherworld. It is funny how you write about yourself and do not know it, though, upon reflection , it is so obvious that is what you have done. I hope you don’t mind me saying all this, I have never met you except for a couple of echanges recently here, but I really want to share all this. 

      Moing on: As to rereading my books, you know I love you saying that, LOL! Joking aside, i am touched. And  I suspect they will hit you at a deeper level, I write multilayered, bwah, hah hah!  🙂

      Thanks so so much for reading my blogs.

  3. Synchronicity at work again… As a child I hid a lot. It became worse as I became a teenager, I had something (someone) to hide from. I went from hiding in secret, obscure places to hiding in plain sight because it was safer. I think I forgot how to do anything else and now I’m starting to reclaim my inner goddess and come out of that shell. How terribly timely and appropriate your story is, I can’t tell you how much it resonates with me. Thank you, Francesca, thank you.

    • And, Phaedra, I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you relate to this tale, I worked so hard on it. I am sorry to hear of the pain you have suffered, but i am happy the tale is of some service to you in regards to that pain. Thank you for sharing the spiritual path with me! Onward, eh?

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